從Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS)到行動行銷 v.s Mobile 2.0

在文章 web 3.0=(4C+P+VS)提到web 3.0的概念是由:

3C = Content, Commerce, Community
4th C = Context
P = Personalization
VS = Vertical Search

所組成,而行動行銷 v.s Mobile 2.0文章提到的web 3.0 是由:

knowledge=knowledge in web 2.0 + structured sementics of data and service.

Suggest what information and services are most suitable for  me, here, now.

其中個人化及社群是為共同所提到的概念, 我們可以想像web3.0的概念應該是主動提供符合用戶而且適時,適地的服務, 在手機的服務而言, 因為手機有LBS(location based service)的功能,更符合適地性的特性!

如果手機的服務如果可以提供前面提到的特性時, 應該就是最佳的手機服務了!

About Teeker

RFID, NFC, Mobile Marketing, Mobile App, It's my life all about the Mobile. You will get more if you read this blog. You will learn more you have mobile phone. Teeker is the T from "Third Screen" and "eeker" from "Seeker" . It means someone seeking something from the mobile screen. Teeker has more than 10 years experience in mobile phone field since 2001.

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