NFC will be driven by marketing and loyalty, not payments-1

“NFC will be driven by marketing and loyalty, not payments"文中提到NFC的成長動能來自行銷活動及消費者的忠誠方案, 但是在還有足夠多的NFC手機之前, 除了上篇所介紹的四種的NFC加在行動裝置之外, 是否有另外的解決方案呢?

以下介紹NFC Marketing 的作法, 請參考圖面:

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RFID, NFC, Mobile Marketing, Mobile App, It's my life all about the Mobile. You will get more if you read this blog. You will learn more you have mobile phone. Teeker is the T from "Third Screen" and "eeker" from "Seeker" . It means someone seeking something from the mobile screen. Teeker has more than 10 years experience in mobile phone field since 2001.

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