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NFC for Parking system and increasing ARPU of network operator

Most of parking system use the RFID/NFC tag as a token for access and payment controller. If network operator want to increase the ARPU,  they could do:

 (A)link the parking system to network operator phone bill system.
 (B)Link RFID/NFC tag  ID to phone number of user
  • The phone with NFC function — enable card emulation mode of NFC phone and work as a  token,
  • The phone without NFC  function
    1. NFC tag as a sticker and stick on the phone, like PayTag(
    2. ii) NFC tag with earphone plug and plug into smartphone and for sure the tag ID link to  the phone number, like EID(,) and make it as mobile phone strap.
 (C)An mobile App for the parking system