談到NFC技術,所有的焦點都在,除了支付之外,還可以有什麼應用呢? Spotify 在2014年的7月中旬舉辦了一個大型的音樂嘉年華會,他們利用NFC手環(如照片),作為現場票券及臉書社群網站互動的應用! 也就是消費者可以拿著手環與NFC/RFID dongle 感應來登入,同時也可以用它與廣告數位機互動!



RFID NFC dongle for event

About Teeker

RFID, NFC, Mobile Marketing, Mobile App, It's my life all about the Mobile. You will get more if you read this blog. You will learn more you have mobile phone. Teeker is the T from "Third Screen" and "eeker" from "Seeker" . It means someone seeking something from the mobile screen. Teeker has more than 10 years experience in mobile phone field since 2001.

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