NFC/RFID Reader with Tag, 4 poles of 3.5 mm Audio interface for iOS/Android device.


Small size for iOS & Android mobile device

The NFC / RFID dongle is a compact reader, designed specifically for mobile devices, supporting iOS and Android platform, with read and write functions.

4 poles 3.5 mm audio interface

Most of mobile devices are equipped the 3.5mm audio interface. The NFC/RFID dongle is using the interface for the data transmission. It’s easy way for customers to adapt the NFC/RFID function without any NFC/RFID knowledge.

5 pin Micro-B USB for Battery Charging

The NFC/RFID dongle is built in the smallest and rechargeable battery. Works with most Android and iOS phone.


imageValue add on service for different sector

A wide range of applications are possible through NFC, such as: Identity documents, Mobile commerce, Electronic keys, Health and safety applications, Social networking, Smart mobility, Entertainment etc.

imageSupport iOS & Android SDK for Developer

Build instantaneous mobile connections into applications within minutes. Enable social connections, access, photos and much more. All you need is a few line of code and you are ready to go.

imageBeyond the Dongle, Get more value

The possibilities for NFC tech are limited only by the imaginations of clever engineers and programmers. And because of its vast range of uses, need more people to push .

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